Batch Creation of sdrTrunk Alias list from Online Databases or other data source.

The following script will create/format entries to include in the playlist_v2.xml file used to configure sdrTrunk. The playlist_v2.xml file can be found typically at the following path C:\Users\[USER NAME]\SDRTrunk\playlist. Use any text editor to modify this xml file, it is recommended that you make a backup of this file before you make any changes. A restart of the sdrTrunk is required after any changes are made. This conversion utility does not currently allow for filtering of data, all data will be converted with the same settings.


Copy and past the data directly from the data view (do not use csv data) into the box below. Works with web tables and excel sheets (handy to sort data first). Define what Alias List you want the talkgroups added too, optionally you can select what color and icon shows for the talkgroups pasted in. The data must be formated as below.

This script uses data passed in in the following order to build the alias. (Names Shown as seen in sdrTrunk)
{Decimal TG ID}{Not Used}{Not Used}{Name}{Group}{Not Used}

Table Data

Copied from any web table, order must match format above.


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